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Thank you for visiting Arizona Pixs. My name is Guillermo Lugo. Everyone has their story on how and why they ever picked up a camera, so here is mine. Everything started on December 25th 2011.When I got my first Professional camera as a Christmas gift from Jillian Senecal, my sister in law.I have to say from that point on my life changed. I discovered a gift from God that I didn't know I had. From that minute on I released the shutter bottom for the first time and knew that Photography was going to be in my life the rest of my days. I discovered the ability to embrace the beauty and tranquility of every moment which transcribes into a photograph. I went to Pro Digital Image with Steve burger which is the Premier Photoshop Institution Center in the Southwest. Steve is an expert on Commercial, Portrait, Events, Photojournalism and Wedding photography and more; he still currently helps me to this day. Now I'm currently part of the New York institute of Photography #194585 and I will continue to learn more and improve myself daily, that part will never change. Enjoy my Gallery, and hopefully I will see you at the other end of my lens!

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